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I teach music producers how to master their craft and create music that stands out apart from their competition. 

I've been a pianist for over two decades, and now I help thousands of music producers including Grammy Award Winning Producer, Justice League, do the same thing through non-traditional private classes, online courses and exclusive mastermind sessions. I work with music producers to help them easily and confidently understand how to make modern style music theory work for them. We put an end to mediocre music by covering the exact same secrets producers like Zaytoven, Ryan Leslie, Bryan Michael Cox, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and many others use to create powerful chord progressions and melody lines.


You have the ability to be create powerful music that moves thousands.


Your musical sound is the most powerful piece that the industry needs, and how you creatively put it together is what will drive people to you. Producers have a gift of creating things that come to their mind and if you are strategic with how you do it, we can make music that changes the industry. What if you could send your music to someone and they are blown away by the chord progressions, melodies and sound? That's what using music theory to your benefit is meant to do. 


I'll show you exactly how to easily make music theory work for you to create music that wow's your audience. 

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Questions about working with me?  


For all questions or concerns, please email admin@ladysonyamusic.com

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